wanderlust travel

brand identity + product design


It all started with a book that I designed in my Environmental Design class. The assignment was to explore San Diego and photograph a specific type of design in the environment, design a book around it, as well as pair it with a narrative or quotes pertaining to your theme. I chose to examine the design of ground surfaces and paired this with quotes from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. The design was a success, and from there, I decided to turn the concept of relentless travel into an identity system for a travel association. Thus, Wanderlust was born, and it was a joy bridging the gap between my love for travel and design.

I knew that I wanted to create a handmade, rustic look for the brand, making it stand out from its competitors and helping it to communicate a message of adventure, authenticity, and spontaneity. I utilized the same colors from my original book, as well as the original photography and even my photos from my backpacking adventure in Europe in the Summer of 2013. Through the use of handmade identity elements, travel related touch points, and a special connection to my passions, a successful brand was created.


Wanderlust Brand Guide : Marie Studio

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