calligraphy poster series

calligraphy + hand lettering


Beginning to learn the art of lettering gave me a supreme appreciation for the handmade arts, thus leading me to begin my adventure in learning modern calligraphy. There are so many things that I have seen made beautiful through the art of lettering: an address on an envelope, a logo for a local coffee shop, and of course, posters composed entirely of this beautifully written type. These things inspired me and caused me to ask a question: why not me? Why couldn’t I express my love of typography through my own hand-lettered posters?

As you may have guessed, this project is 100% me. It is who I want to become, and it is documenting my journey the more I add to it. It reflects my realization that this art does not come easily, and that practice is the only way to make perfect. This poster series reflects most importantly my love for lettering, but also my love for all things food, travel, and classical reads. These posters are meant to be displayed, looked at, studied, and loved.
They are living proof that good things come to those who want it bad enough, and that getting there is only half of the journey.

“Classic’—a book which people praise and don’t read.” — Mark Twain



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