brewology 101 : san diego brew culture

brand identity + packaging design


Although San Diego is known for having a huge craft brewing culture, it is rarely mentioned that the city has a high concentration of people that homebrew as a hobby. After all, the art of home brewing is most likely how these now famous brewers began in their professional careers, and it is what keeps the love and science of craft brewing alive in San Diego today.

Being an avid homebrewer myself, I wondered how helpful it would have been for me as I was starting out to have a beginners kit that explained the do’s and don’ts of home brewing along with tips and tricks to help get started. This is what led me to create Brewology, an informational kit based around the San Diego Homebrewing culture and how one could get started doing what San Diegans do best. The kit includes a taster glass, bottle labels with a customizable stamp, a bottle opener, and brewing journal for recipes and notes.


Brewology 101 Brand Guide : Marie Studio

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